Brief Overview

Picking out the highlights of a career thats covers more than three decades from face2face cold calling to leading a team through growth and change, is exciting & rewarding; these are some of my highlights.

  • I’ve sold products and services ranging from hygiene supplies into care homes to tools and capital equipment for the construction industry.
  • I have sold across both the B2B and B2C marketplaces in good times and hard times.
  • Managed teams of internal salespeople and external sales professionals through significant growth.
  • Mentored and coached those new and those established in sales roles.
  • My sales experience includes 23 years of selling for multinationals.
  • I’ve started up a business selling into an unknown market place.
  • I’ve turned around struggling businesses in difficult times.
  • I‘ve lead teams to dominate the market place resulting in the closure of the local competition on three occasions.
  • My approach is holistic, a blend built on thousands of hours of cold calling, integrated with over three decades of study, learning and training.

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