Part One: Looking after your health and well-being as an individual.

I am joined on the podcast today by Carola Becker strategic nutritionist. Many have suddenly found themselves working from home due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

As we approach the end of week two, Carola shares her knowledge and experience as to how to survive the sudden change of working from home.

Carola discusses and shares some of her tips from planning your day; drinking, exercise, and what to eat.

We are all living in challenging times; we do not know how long this will go on for and, what the long term outcomes will be.

Our work-life balance has always been a challenge for many; COVID-19 has undoubtedly raised the stakes for many these short terms changes may become long term changes.

Protecting our health and well being is crucial in these difficult times.

ln episode two; we will discuss the challenges for companies and groups.