Face to face discovery calls

Do you take notes?

We are all keen to show the maximum level of interest when sitting opposite a prospect one way of doing this is to take notes; after all, we want to be professional.

But is note-taking really about being professional or is it about providing a road map of how we can better understand the prospects business and pain points so that we can help with a potential solution?

I am happy to admit that; I have tried conducting meetings without taking notes, then spent time going over the meeting in my mind convinced that I missed something important.

I’ve used pre-designed note pages supplied by my employer; these I did not find helpful as they had been drawn up by the marketing department.

At present, I use my own handcrafted layout customed to gather the information I needed, undoubtedly for me this works, but as we are all individuals In the spirit of the Linked In share what works for you?

When you are in a face to face discovery call with a prospect, do you take notes?

  • If you don’t take notes, do you feel you miss important details?
  • Do you then spend time trying to recall them later?

If you do take notes?

  •  Do you write to a blank page?
  • Write to a pre-printed format?
  • If so, do you know who created the layout and when?


  • Do you record to a format that you have created yourself over time?