A funny thing happened on the way to the forum.

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A funny thing happened on the way to the forum. Seems a very appropriate header as I look at those bewildering and often puzzling items that cross my desk. And often provoke a just WHY? thought.

In 2022 it’s hard to grasp that with the staggering amount of knowledge, understanding and education that’s freely available to businesses small and large through the internet, sometimes you have to smile, move on or share it.

It’s always been hard to win business and that’s not going to change any time soon.

I have heard on several occasions some of the Linked In sales leaders describe that sales have killed email; not sure if it’s just sales or whether marketing has had a hand in it, so before anyone jumps in, let’s group sales & marketing as one entity.

After half a decade as a sales guy, I switched employers and had my first experience in the role of a marketing department; they had two priorities; the yearly product catalogue/price list and customer giveaways.

Much has changed in a couple of decades, but as previously written, with the amount of free sharing of knowledge some days, I am just left to wonder why!

Email SPAM; is this century, its value and reason for existence not easy to comprehend, wasting time and resources on something with a Zero chance of success?

Like most businesses, I receive a nominal amount of junk emails; some get stopped at the gates, and some slip through and receive the one-click delete.

It’s hard to win business from those you have a relationship with, past or present customers, but when it comes to prospecting, the states are not on your side, but doing a P*** Poor job of it will drive the results in one direction only.

Share 1:

I received the email below, and to be honest, I was a bit mystified about how I fitted with any potential ideal customer alignment.

After struggling for a few seconds with how any of the services on offer fit, setting your sights on some semblance of relevance has to be part of any marketing. “Spray and pray” is an often-cited failing of sales, marketing we would hope could do a better job.

Ideal customer profiles have been around for several years; having a direction in your prospecting should be commonplace.

Example eMail:

  1. As a mentor & coach, I don’t have physical products, so not an ideal prospect fit.
  2. The automation is poorly done; the Hi, shows the lack of customisation.
  3. Apart from an email address from the sender, there is no other identification or links.
  4. Their offer of; eCommerce products, FBA prep service, Marketing materials, Health and Medical testing products, Supplements, Garment/footwear & automated client gift sending programmes services and products does not have any foreseeable value to me based on my business profile.
  5. They state that they offer Logo services; where is their logo?
  6. The last highlighted area at the bottom of the email is not blank because of my need to remove any identification; it’s blank because it was blank, a total lack of any visual credibility.
  7. Credibility is important; building a relationship has its foundations built on visibility; without visibility, the most important element in a relationship, trust can not be formed.

Email marketing has an achievement rate of 50 in a 1000 ratio, with a list of 7 failings; this email potential is a long way off.