Creating the Open Door of Opportunity

Sep 14, 2017

If you have been selling for a while, you are very likely to have experienced the closed door a few times, the open door of opportunity an invitation to come in and introduce your self and your company’s products and make that sale.

Phone a prospect do the quick I am, from x company and I am ringing you, and before you can take a breath, rather than the not interested. The person on the other end says great I need to buy your product if that’s happened to you did you also go out buy a lottery ticket that day.

Every business owner, senior executive, director, buyer or pretty much the majority of those you are looking to do business with will always be more interested in their business and their role rather than you. Before you launch into your pitch simply ask just one question “Please tell you what you do and why” and you will discover “the open doors of opportunity.”