Do You Ask Enough Questions?

Jan 28, 2019

Over the years of a lifetime in sales, some things stick most don’t, one that has I often recant as a moral for good client meetings.

Meeting between the potential client and salesperson meeting concluding, the business agreed.

Salesperson leans forward looks into the eyes of the customer and says,

“Thank you for the business today; but just before I go do you have any last question you would like to ask me?”

Salesman sits back in the chair; looking across at the customer.

Customer sits still; thinks for a minute then looking straight at the salesperson and replies.

“Whenever I ask you a question you always reply with a question?”

Salesperson sits back in the chair ponders for a moment then leans forwards; looks intently at the customer in the chair opposite and says.

“That’s fascinating what makes you say that?”

The answers are not known until all the questions are ASKED