How do we get better at selling

For those engaged at the coalface of sales, it has always been a pressure job, asked to continuously perform it is no wonder that in times of difficulty we look for any easy answers to gain an edge.

How do we get better at selling?

Focusing on the excuses for missing target are commonplace, it requires little thought or skill.

  • my targets are too high
  • my territory has all the wrong mix of potential customers
  • they don’t want to buy at the moment
  • the competition is charging less than us
  • we don’t have the right stock level

On and on the excuses go It is no wonder that many seek the sales magic bullets.

If you are relatively new to a sales role and fortunate enough to survive a few years in this job, the reality starts to settle in that there are no magic bullets in sales. A life-in a sales role is about hard work followed by more hard work day after day, always under pressure to perform month after month, the pressure is the prize and the reward.

Because the average tenure of a salesperson is now readerly quoted to have fallen below two years, there isn’t any time to waste chasing the sales magic bullet; therefore, we have to ask ourselves the question.

“What is the best way to ensure my tenure is as long in this sales role as possible.”

Even if you are born with a natural talent for sales, the reality is that this also does not guarantee success, being your best is the only option.

A vital element for all those engaged in selling is to be willing to ask questions of others; however, when a salesperson has to ask this essential question of themself, it seems to become quite tricky.

“What can I do for myself to improve my performance as a salesperson.”

In the spirit of the Linked In share, what worked for me may not work for you.

In my early years, I spent any spare driving time between calls listening to top sales thought leaders and trainers on cassette tapes.

What works for you?