My conversation with Sarah is against the backdrop that Branham Broom Hotel, Spa & Golf Club enters week 12 of the UK lockdown due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

She shares how the changes to protect clients and her co-workers will rolling out over the coming weeks, months and a potentially a couple of years.

Sarah talks about how she has found her role changing over the last three months and how the new economic realities may affect the business mix going forward as she looks for new business opportunities.

We also discuss how looking to find new potential business streams is always necessary, but with the effects of the lockdown on many businesses identify new opportunities is vital.

With the UK hospitality industry being one area of business that has suffered because of the effects of COVID 19 lockdown, Sarah shares her thoughts on why maintain positivity is so important.

Sarah also talks about how as a result of the lockdown she’s been able to extend her contacts on her Linked In network across the globe, to gain valuable insight into what’s others are trying in the leisure industry.