The world of Sales is filled with short and straightforward one-word acronyms to keep us grounded and on track as we go about our daily tasks of selling to others.

KISS; keep it, simple salespeople. PPPPP, poor planning promotes pore performance.

Stephen generously shares one of the longest sales-focused acronyms and defiantly one you or I have not heard before.

QUALITY DEFTNESS is a simple but effective set of keywords to help support and develop those engaged in selling to others, particularly in the B2B sector and especially those involved in a long sales cycle.

Managing any long sales cycle is difficult. Staying focused on the task in hand is not easy; QUALITY DEFTNESS will, I believe, help many to stay on target.

When your goal is to not only win the business but also build a sustainable quality long term relationship. Becoming that trusted advisor that today’s buyers want, a salesperson’s toolbox is filled with experience and past glories; unfortunately, it is easy to drift off track and lose focus.