Wasted Opportunities

Oct 2, 2018

Whilst connecting with a client at a trade show in Verona last week, two things struck me there had been no attempt to cover up the fact that the number of exhibitors was diminishing year on year.

The second and most concerning was the amount of staff on the stands that were deep into screen watching and totally oblivious of the potential customers that could be walking by.

Very early on in my sales career when my company was exhibiting at trade shows, my then sales manager would send me off armed with plenty of business cards to network with other exhibitors. The first time he told me to do this I questioned why should I do this? his reply was “there are no gatekeepers on the stands and they are not all our competitors”.

The first time I did it I was overwhelmed by my success, from then on I added it to my portfolio for success.

In the days when our sale leaders, #Graham Hawkins #Jeremy Jacobs and #Kevin Dixon are voicing the statistics that over half of salespeople are missing their targets, and with so many sales jobs set to be lost to AI no one can afford to WASTE OPPORTUNITIES.