Well, it’s Friday; my wife just asked me what time can she declare that poets day has started.

The sad reality of working from home while we battle through the COVID 19 pandemic, for some, the question is at what time you can legitimately start adding alcohol to your daily consumption of fluids.

Amongst other things I’ve heard very recently is the fact that it would be advisable to bring your work clothes out your wardrobe once a week and give them a good shake as apparently when we do get back to start wearing them again; you may find them a little bit tight.

An old colleague posted very recently that he’s now enjoying three weeks to the gallon from his car, and that also he had had to purchase two more pairs of shorts online as his weekend pair can’t do seven days.

A friend also posted about when doing the necessary runs for the local shop was it legitimate to include beer, wine and spirits into the same category of essentials as bread & milk.

COVID 19 has certainly made us all stop and think, the sad loss of life prematurely, our core values and expectations have changed, the long thought question of work-life balance has been put to the test.

Across the world, companies have been forced to ask their employees to work from home,  when finally there is some return to normality. Some employees may likely say to their employer; I don’t want to commute any more, so I am going to continue to work from home.

And lastly. Will the virtual meeting become the norm and face to face gathering the rarity?