“Change is always possible; it just requires the motivation to make it happen.”

Why use a coach or mentor?

Travelling a journey alone only allows for one perception, one opinion, one attitude, one understanding of gestures, one appearance, one behaviour and one set of language, it is not the role of those we do business with to challenge how we are perceived.

Choosing to work with a coach / mentor on ones believed perceptions, opinions, attitudes, gestures, appearances, behaviours and language is stage one, venturing beyond to uncover those not so apparent personal values, mindset, beliefs, thoughts, justification, feelings and habits are stage two and is not a journey one can do alone.


  • Working on agreed specific goals allows for sensitive reflection on the potential and possible actions are taken and likely outcomes on business and personal relationships in the short and long term.
  • Success is often the result of anticipating perceived systemic feelings, both physical and emotional, evidenced and assumed the neutrality of the coaching relationships is not hindered or restricted by a management structure.
  • The cost of continually building new business relationships is not a normal human attribute. For some, the toll is heavy. Unsupported the pace and number required within a professional sales role can trigger a downward spiral.

Success and failure

The difference between success and failure is now measured in marginal differences; finding yourself in a position where you are not able to look beyond what is in front of you is all too common, “the wood from the trees” standing back from what in front of you creating a clear view is not straightforward, thinking differently, applying changes, understanding perceptions takes effort.

The importance of learning

The past is important for a number of reasons as in sales it helps us avoid making the same mistake again and again if you look at the history of sales, you will discover a lot of structure and techniques being talked about, those were simpler times when we all were less informed.

Today’s connected world is all around, “The Internet of Everything” is at the door, so many of the products we buy are categorised as commodities, we compare, check price, availability and place orders from devices that fit in the palm of our hand within seconds.

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