Shiny shoes

In my first days as a keen young salesperson, my then director offered a piece of advice I value as profoundly today as then. Every time you walk into a room to meet any new potential customer they will always look you up and down and make an assessment of the type of person you are.

Perceived perception is challenging; we would all like to feel that we are not judgemental of others socially. However, in business its inevitably and required, the prospect will make judgement calls not just on you but also the company you represent but also those that work for the company.

When you are being assessed from your shoes up, it can certainly feel challenging. For anybody that’s ever been in the armed forces or seen a film or watched a TV show, there always seems to be a scene where some poor recruit is busily polishing his/her shoes or boots to a shine where they can see their face in them.

The philosophy of “shiny shoes” indicates that you are ready for all eventualities. Have everything in place, an assessment of a few seconds, that affects all the future minutes and hours.

In the age of selling where you need to be the expert in your field, but also come to the prospect with the knowledge that cannot be found easily on a Google search.

Being a specialist in your field, guiding as a consultant, being a trusted advisor, sharing a vision of future needs; today’s buyers expect salespeople to go further and deeper.

We are now at in age of sales beyond shiny shoes and an excellent presentation.