Over the last few months, I have been working to create my podcast “The Sales Sounding Board.” And finally, it’s live.

The Sales Sounding Board podcast is what it says on the can, a platform to discuss all things sales with guest mixed across the globe. An amalgamation of my and their thoughts, ideas, experience and feelings all blended together.

My guests to the show will be diverse ranging from business owners, VP Sales, directors, sales managers, SDR, BDR.s AE, marketers, coaches, mentors, sales trainers and entrepreneurs and a few roles I have missed from the list.

The ways in which we sell products, services the types companies have changed, the ethos and the moralities have shifted and will continue to evolve. Our likes our dislikes our choices are evident.

We’ve have seen the shift from sales-centric to customer-centric, as a direct result of the internet.

The death of the sales role has been predicted by many, some roles have gone; many have been created the journey continues.

The “WHY” behind the show is to share ideas, thoughts, experience and feelings with the listeners; explore the commonality and differences in the world of sales across the globe.

Undoubtedly we will look at It’s past; it’s present and its possible future and potential challenges I enter this series of podcasts with my own set of questions.

  • Will sales continue to use AI to focus and automate many roles within the sales cycle?
  • Will AI evolve beyond an aid to sales to ultimately replace salespeople?
  • Will AI automate many functions from the buying cycle removing the influence of sales & marketing?
  • Will, we ultimately commoditise all buying and purchasing?

If you have an interest and a connection to the world of sales in B2B or B2C and would be will to share. Please connect with me on Linked In or Spotaguest. https://community.spotaguest.com/ and lets us see what we can create and share with the world.